Author: Chelsea Berry

Nottingham Student Life: Best Places to Study, Eat, Drink and UnwindFeatured

Welcome to Nottingham! It’s a vibrant city known for its rich history, diverse culture, sports excellence and bustling student life. With scores of students from all corners of the world flocking to its renowned universities, Nottingham offers a dynamic and exciting environment for academic and social pursuits. If you’re getting ready to study in Nottingham or you’re already a student in the city, you’ve made a great choice! In this guide, we’ll explore the best places to study, eat, drink and unwind in Nottingham for students, helping new and existing students make the most of their time in Nottingham and…

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A highly organised storage unit with clothes stored inside.

How to Store Clothes

There are many possible reasons why you might need advice on the best way to store clothes, whether it’s the fast nature of clothing fashion, the changing seasons in the UK or a temporary need for space during a house move. Whatever your motivation for storing clothing, our ‘How to Store Clothes’ guide is on hand to help you through the process with expert tips from an experienced voice in storage. We will take you through the most popular and most effective methods to store clothes long term, as well as offering top tips on seasonal clothing storage and storing…

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Decluttering concepts from around the world

Decluttering our homes can be harder than many people expect. That’s why it’s great to take ideas and inspiration from other cultures. There are so many tips we can pick up from the way things are done in different countries, and you might not have thought of them yourself. It’s not much of a surprise to learn then that nation has spent more money and effort on cleaning and transforming their homes during the pandemic. With more time spent at home, many people have sought to streamline their living environment. Studies show that £55 billion was spent on renovations during…

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Contents of The Most Awesome Time Capsules Ever Discovered

(And One For the Weirdest Year of Our Lives: 2020)  From village schools to wall street, plenty of people have wanted to have their very own time capsule. It gives you a chance to preserve your place in history and share what your life was like for future generations. And opening a time capsule is just as fun! It gives us the chance to see how much society has changed, understand our history a bit better and sometimes, just be very confused by old fashion choices! You might not be surprised to learn this but as storage is what we do…

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Test Your Knowledge Of The Most Popular Children’s Books

Children’s books are highly valued by all generations. The stories that built our characters and provided hours of fun, laughter and enjoyment when we were younger are now being passed onto our own children who are discovering exciting new worlds that will expand their imaginations. But there’s something endearing about rereading the classics with our children. The nostalgia, the accomplishment, the sentiment; reading together with our families is such a special time. And as World Book Day 2020 celebrates the joys of reading, we’ve decided to create some family fun based on the most popular children’s books of all time. From modern…

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