Incredible Container Creations

Shipping containers are usually used to transport large amounts of goods, but that’s not the only thing they are suitable for. These huge, strong containers are large enough to walk around in and sturdy enough to protect people from the elements. They make a cheap and easy base for a whole range of exciting projects not to mention they are super cool and environmentally friendly; upcycling at its best! Here’s a quick look at some of the most interesting uses for storage containers.

1. Shipping Container Homes

container home

A large shipping container can be turned into a small but comfortable apartment for a single person. A collection of shipping containers can easily be converted into a spacious, modern home. This particular home is made from twelve containers, and features a modern kitchen, a spacious living area and multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, offering a luxurious living area for less than the price of a bricks and mortar home. Check it out at Web Urbanist.

2. The Shipping Hotel

There are many shipping container hotel structures in the world today, but one of the most interesting is the Hive Inn – a new project from the Hong Kong based OVA studio. This project is merely a concept at the moment, but the architects hope to build a flexible, modular hotel that allows rooms to be added to and removed from the structure without disturbing nearby containers. They plan to rent out spots in the structure to brands, which can have their logos added to individual containers for advertising.

3. Shipping Containers as Expo Stands

If you’re struggling to get people to notice your trade show tent, why not try something a little different for your next expo? Shipping containers make great meeting areas and can easily be transformed into professional looking stands that trade show visitors will flock to. The container offers noise protection and shelter from the elements, and you can turn the roof into a dining area or chill-out space. Take a look at Boxman Studios.

4. Swimming Pools

The size and strength of shipping containers means that they make great bases for swimming pools. Standard container sizes are perfect for 20ft and 40ft pools that are 8ft wide and 8ft deep – perfect for a back-garden pool.

5. The Container City

The Container City project was an idea created by a company called “Urban Space Management” that uses old 40ft shipping containers to create flexible accommodation and even office spaces and classrooms at affordable prices. The first container city project was built in 2001 at Trinity Buoy Wharf in London. Since then, several other organizations have embarked on similar projects.

6. Pop-up Stalls

The Dekalb Market in Brooklyn uses repurposed shipping containers for many of its market stalls. Yes, there are some traditional stalls as well, but many of the vendors have done a great job of turning shipping containers into miniature boutiques. Image via Inhabit.

7. The World’s Biggest Vending Machine?

One of the most interesting stalls at the aforementioned market is the SHOPBOX – a giant vending machine built into a recycled shipping container. Is this the biggest and best stocked vending machine in the world?

There are so many more amazing container creations, do you have a favourite that we haven’t mentioned?