Bespoke Storage

Bespoke storage solutions for small or large items

About Our Bespoke Storage
If our Larger storage units or our crate storage units don’t sound like the best fit for your needs then please get in touch to find out more about our bespoke storage solutions for both personal and commercial use.
At Bingham Self-Storage, we’re happy to provide bespoke storage solutions for your small or large items, and help to design a package around your needs. Depending on your requirements you may find that your items need to be stored in an open space (such as our secure warehouse), on pallets – shrink wrapped for extra protection or left as is depending on your requirements – or within our specialist racking.
Our  insulated warehouse stays dry in winter and keeps cool during summer, meaning none of your items will be affected by the ever-changing Midlands climate! Combining this with our top of the line 24/7 security and our discreet private road access location means that your goods will stay well protected at all times.
Who Needs Bespoke Storage?
We’ve been providing unique, bespoke storage for our happy customers since our inception. Individuals and businesses alike make great use of our secure location and friendly service to optimise aspects of their life.
We happily store and shrink wrap large, heavy items for local businesses and deliver them out whenever they’re needed with just 24 hours’ notice. This helps them to operate from a smaller location, saving them thousands of pounds every year on their rent and even more money on the expensive machinery they’d have to buy to move items around.
There are so many large items that businesses often have lying around that they don’t even realise can be moved out of harm’s way and stored at Bingham for just a small monthly fee; exhibition stands, seasonal marketing assets – even up to an arctic lorry’s worth of stock!
We have helped our customers to audit their stock control and manage the Christmas peak with a steady flow of deliveries to and from the storage warehouse.
Areas Served
We are based in Bingham, Nottingham. Because of our extremely high quality bespoke storage solutions we often see customers travelling from all over the Midlands to use our service.
We are based near the heart of Bingham’s town centre, meaning we’re the ideal bespoke storage option for individuals and local businesses. Those from neighbouring villages and towns such as East Bridgford, Radcliffe-on-Trent, Aslockton, Langar, Cropwell Bishop, Southwell, Bottesford, Cotgrave, Burton Joyce and more  will also find the journey extremely short and effortless.
Based right outside the city of Nottingham, we see a lot of our customers make the short trip from this huge city. Follow the A60 to the A52 where it’s a simple and quick journey to our handy off-road location.
We’re under 17 minutes from Newark, with the A46 taking you virtually to our door without any hassle. We’re a popular business for those in Newark as the towns are so close together.
If you take the A52 you’ll find us just a short 20 minute journey away. With Grantham being a market town, we often find there are many local traders wishing to use our service, along with other homeowners and businesses.  
Melton Mowbray
Take the A606 and the A46 and store your items just 25 minutes away on our beautiful farm in Bingham. If you’re looking to store items for a slightly longer period of time then the trip is more than worth it, and the same goes for the all of the following locations.
We’re just a 25 minute drive from Loughborough; if you get on the A46 via the B676 you’ll find us operating right next to the A52. We’re suitably close to Loughborough for homeowners and businesses for short-to-long-term periods of bespoke storage time.
We’re based within a close proximity to the A46, meaning we’re only a 30 minute drive from Leicester. Again, this is great for businesses and individuals to use our bespoke storage services for an extended period of time.
If you’re looking to use our bespoke storage for a longer period of time then many people find the 35 minute trip from Derby more than suitable. We’re accessible via the A617 and the A6097 meaning our secure discreet location is easy to get to.
Also just a 35 minute commute away, we’re an easy, straight drive along the A52 from Derby; perfect for any of your longer term personalised or custom storage needs.
Bespoke Storage Prices
Find out how we can customise a bespoke storage plan to suit your needs by calling us today on 01949 831781 – we’re happy to quote you by the day, week or month as well as by how much and what type of storage space you require. 

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