Month: January 2014

Top tips to help declutter your spare room

“What to do with the spare room?” is a question that all homeowners will ask themselves at some point in their lives. A constant bane on our otherwise (presumably) clutter free homes, most spare rooms are so chaotic they could almost resemble the state of the Universe a few seconds after the big bang. Sorting it out therefore is one of the last things we’d ever want to do with our spare time but the New Year is the perfect time to get a fresh start so you can make the most of that otherwise unused room. It’s a big…

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Weird and Wonderful Things Found In Self Storage Auctions

Across the UK and especially across America there are thousands of storage units that tenants have either abandoned, written off or just simply forgotten about. What would you expect to find in them though? A few empty boxes? Some dusty, dilapidated furniture? Or maybe something life-changing. You may have seen shows on TV like ‘Storage Hunters’ where old abandoned storage units are auctioned off blind, with the buyer having no idea what they’ve bought until post-sale when they can crank open the door and have a look. Sometimes, there’s real treasure inside. For a bit of fun, we have put…

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