Month: February 2014

Decluttering your home – Resolutions for a clutter-free 2014

Every year, millions of home owners spend their weekends “spring cleaning” – throwing out unwanted junk, organizing keepsakes and trying to get on top of the clutter that they have accrued over the holiday period. This year, instead of just spring cleaning, why not make a resolution to de-clutter your home once and for all? For most people, de-cluttering is easy, but preventing the clutter from building back up is not. Instead of making a sweeping rule that you won’t let your home fill up with clutter again, try these simple, easy to stick to resolutions that will help you…

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Moving House The Stress Free Way

Experts say that moving house is one of the most stressful of life experiences, along with divorce and bereavement. If you plan on moving house soon then you want to make that move as easy and as stress free as possible. Plan well ahead for your move and make sure that you book that removal van early on in the process. Here are some of our favourite ideas for taking the stress out of your move. Early Organisation Start your preparations as soon as you have a date for your move. Make packing and clearing out the house easier by…

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