Month: November 2014

How to Preserve, Repair and Take Care of Old Records

Considering the vast majority of the music ever released is available for our listening pleasure at little more than the click of a button these days, it might seem strange or a bit regressive, to think that vinyl records are more popular now than they have been in decades. But they are. The CD era, which is still hanging on by the skin of its teeth, saw the vinyl record all but forgotten in favour of its cheaper, clearer and more compact (by both name and design) cousin. But once the digital revolution kicked in and CD sales began to…

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Moving Abroad – What You Need to Do and Know

Though there might well be a few negative connotations associated with expat Brits, with the woeful season we’re having (where Autumn and Winter merge into a mélange of darkness and perpetual chill) who would blame even the most patriotic of us for considering packing our bags and heading somewhere sunny? Which sun-kissed destination (or snow-kissed, depending on your preference) you end up calling home is of course a matter of personal preference. Though Spain has been seen as the de facto expat destination for as long as most of us can remember, the sun has been setting on the Spanish…

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