Contents of The Most Awesome Time Capsules Ever Discovered

(And One For the Weirdest Year of Our Lives: 2020)  From village schools to wall street, plenty of people have wanted to have their very own time capsule. It gives you a chance to preserve your place in history and share what your life was like for future generations. And opening a time capsule is just as fun! It gives us the chance to see how much society has changed, understand our history a bit better and sometimes, just be very confused by old fashion choices! You might not be surprised to learn this but as storage is what we do…

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Test Your Knowledge Of The Most Popular Children’s Books

Children’s books are highly valued by all generations. The stories that built our characters and provided hours of fun, laughter and enjoyment when we were younger are now being passed onto our own children who are discovering exciting new worlds that will expand their imaginations. But there’s something endearing about rereading the classics with our children. The nostalgia, the accomplishment, the sentiment; reading together with our families is such a special time. And as World Book Day 2020 celebrates the joys of reading, we’ve decided to create some family fun based on the most popular children’s books of all time. From modern…

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Choosing an insurance policy for self-storage

If you are planning on putting some items into self storage for a while, in preparation for a move, or simply to free up space in your home, then you should think about insuring those items. If you have done your homework when shipping around for a self-storage company, you won’t have to worry about the company running off with your items, but things can occasionally go wrong even with the most reputable of companies. The Importance of Insurance Insurance is something that most of us hate paying for, after all, you can pay it for years and never have…

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