Top Packing Tips to Keep Fragile Valuables Safe for Self Storage or Moving

If you’re ever faced with the situation of having to pack away personal belongings and valuables, then the most important thing you’ll want to ensure is that they stay in perfect condition during this time. Here is some top packing tips worth taking on board.

Don’t pack all the same

It’s really essential to understand that different items and materials require different techniques or conditions for packing and being stored away – so don’t think a single packing strategy will do. If you understand the requirements of each item, then it will be a good starting point for a safe storage.


Delicate objects that could get easily broken require careful packing consideration, so make sure that you individually wrap each item up in bubble wrap. Avoid using newspaper as the print can leave a mark on some materials such as glassware. Pack your breakables around other items that are soft and provide a cushioning support. Don’t pack too many in one box or crowd with other heavy items.

Electrical items

If you need to store away any electrical equipment, then the best thing is to place it in its original box. If that’s not feasible, then use bubble wrap or cushioning foam to protect it. Don’t place more than one electrical item in a box.


If you want to keep stored away clothes in tip-top condition, then use wardrobe boxes. Never pack away clothes that are damp or have stains on them, as they won’t be wearable when you need them again.

Metal items

If you have any metal valuables then they may be prone to rust when packed away, so either place a few drops of oil on them, or buy specially made flannel bags with silver particles that can keep them at their best.

Small items

If you have small valuable items, such as jewellery, then don’t pack them loose. Keep them together and either pack bubble wrap around them or seal in a protective container.

Heavy items first

When packing items, always put heavy items first in the box. Be mindful of the overall weight of the box, and how sturdy it is. Don’t overfill it, as the box might not be able to carry the weight. Remember, that even small items such as books can soon start to add weight.

Right size of container

Make sure that the container used for packing your valuables is of an appropriate size. Don’t make it too big, otherwise the contents could move about. If in doubt, fill the box with cushioning or other items that can provide support and keep the contents stable.

Secure the box

Always use a good-quality container to store your valuables in and secure it up with tape so that nothing can escape from it. Make sure that you label the front of the box, not just so that you know what the contents are, but also so you can ascertain which way to open the box! Stack the boxes safely so that they are easy to get at, but don’t cause any damage to yourself or other boxes.