Declutter your Home Sweet Home

Why You Should De-clutter Your Home

Having clutter in your home can make you feel disorganised, stressed and unhappy. A huge 65% of people feel that their household is disorganised and suffer through these feelings every day. We took a look at the damage clutter can do and came up with some handy tips on how to fight it once and for all.

The Negative Impact of Clutter

As clutter builds up in the home, finding even the most important of items can become tricky. Car keys, wallets and even important documents go missing on a regular basis. Shockingly, 23% of adults admit to paying bills late and even incurring fees because they can’t find them.  Stress isn’t the only result – clutter is one of the biggest time wasters in the home. The average American spends 55 minutes a day looking for things in their homes. That’s 9 million hours wasted across the country! The impact of clutter on a living environment is also very negative. New research shows that clutter can affect your ability to focus and process information, making a cluttered office a productivity nightmare.

The Benefits of Being Organised

Luckily clutter is not a permanent fixture and you can negate its affects by staying organised and mess free. Many people feel that de-cluttering can improve quality of life, 71% in fact. By being more organised it’s actually possible to save a great deal of time every day – some people believe this could even be more than an hour! Time spent doing housework is also reduced by, on average, 40%. This is thanks to the fact that you no longer need to sort through clutter every time you clean your home.

Top Tips for Reducing Clutter

Developing good habits is the best way to counteract clutter. Try and have a quick tidy up each time you leave a room or at the end of each day. Giving your possessions a home can also help. Try using storage solutions such as stacking boxes and drawer organisers to make this easier.

Try and reduce the number of unnecessary belongings you have in your home. For example you could switch CD’s ad DVDs to digital alternatives to free up space.  Unsubscribing from unwanted magazines or newspapers also reduces unnecessary paper waste. Regularly having a thorough clear out can also help – plus you can donate unwanted possessions to charity, making it completely worth the effort!

How to De-clutter your Home Sweet Home – An infographic by the team at Bingham Self Storage