How to Store a Sofa

So you’ve decided you need to store your sofa for a while but you’re wondering exactly how best to store that sofa. As your local experts in self storage, we at Bingham Self Storage have written this ‘how to store a sofa in a self storage unit’ guide to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible.

There are many reasons that you might need to put your sofa into storage. Perhaps you are redecorating or having an extension built and you need to make some space. Or, you are temporarily downsizing or are in the middle of moving home and can’t put everything in the new property.

Whatever the reason, using a self storage unit to take care of furniture that you can’t fit in your home is a good idea. The following tips will help you to make sure that your sofa comes out of self-storage as comfortable and good-looking as it was when it went in.

Preparing Your Sofa For Storage

Before you put your sofa into storage, there are a few things that you should remember. Sofas are made out of a mixture of wood and metal, foam and fabric. As such, they can warp, rust or become musty if they are not looked after properly.

First, you should look to thoroughly clean the sofa, removing all dirt, dust and bacteria that may be hiding away in there. Begin by vacuum cleaning the whole sofa and cushions, before wiping the sofa down with anti-bacterial wipes or spray.

You should then find something that will cover the sofa during storage, whether that’s a dust sheet or canvas. Choose one that is white or see-through, rather than a coloured sheet, because there is some risk that dye from a coloured sheet could get transferred to the sofa.

You could even consider wrapping the sofa in bubble wrap and then covering it with a large plastic furniture bag if you need to store it for a long time.

If possible, remove the cushions from the sofa and pack them separately. This will help them to retain their shape, stay fresh and maintain their comfiness.

Storing Your Sofa In A Self Storage Unit

Now your sofa is ready for storage, let’s consider exactly how to store it. Of course, you first need to find a reliable self storage facility that is close to home and easy to access.

Once you’ve got your self storage locker up and running, you should transport your sofa and other belongings using a van with ample space so as to not bend, break or damage anything inside.

Load the sofa onto a furniture pallet to transport it, and don’t pile other furniture on top of it in the van. Take care when moving the sofa – don’t try to drag it around by the wheels because there is a high chance of this causing a wheel to come loose.

Remember to store your sofa flat in your storage unit – do not store your sofa on its end. This may seem like a good idea from the point of view of maximising space in the storage unit, but it could warp or damage the sofa. Trust us, it’s really not worth ruining your sofa by storing it this way. Ideally, you’d have your sofa stored flat on a wooden pallet when in storage.

It’s also best to not put anything on top of the sofa – even light items could leave a permanent dent or mark in the cushions. Again, you will regret this in the long run if your sofa is not in perfect shape and condition when it’s ready to come out of storage.

And finally, please make sure your sofa is not damp when you put it into storage. For example, if you steam clean the sofa, make sure that it is completely dry before putting it away. This will prevent mould and bacteria forming and ruining your sofa in the long run.

Collecting Your Sofa From Self Storage

When the time comes to collect your sofa from storage, there are some key things you will need to take care of to ensure the sofa is good as new. Remember those tips on transporting a sofa from before – keep it flat, don’t drag it and don’t pile anything on top.

Once you’ve got your sofa home, it’s a good idea to air it for a few hours. If you cannot do this because it is wet outside, try scattering some baking soda over the sofa and leaving it for a while to remove any musty odours.

When the sofa is aired out or the baking soda has done its trick, vacuum clean the sofa and then spray it with a fabric freshener (or appropriate leather cleaning product) for a fresh smell and clean look.

Now you’re ready to enjoy your sofa in all its glory like it’s never been in storage at all.

If you’re looking for somewhere to store your sofa in the short, medium or long term, be sure to consider our great range of storage facilities right here.