How to Boost Space in Your Home [Infographic]

Are you looking to boost space in your home? Look no further. We’ve compiled a range of our favourite tips for boosting the size of your home; both physically and psychologically.

With these simple tricks, you can pick up additional storage space and make your home appear bigger to guests. Perfect!

Read on to find out more.

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Whether your home is small or already spacious, there’s a big chance that you want even more room to work with. Fortunately for you, it couldn’t be easier! Use these tips below to physically increase space in your house, and also give the impression that your rooms are bigger too.

Psychological Tricks

Bold ceilings – light walls help to make a room look bigger, but boldly coloured ceilings help to draw the eyes upwards, helping to create the illusion of height.

Vertical space – ensure that you hang shelves or artwork on the walls to make sure you aren’t wasting vertical space, as again this helps to draw eyes upwards as well as around a room.

Appropriate furniture size – small rooms don’t always need small pieces of furniture. A large sofa in a small room can often be a better use of space than several smaller chairs, for example.

Go monochromatic – paint trims and details in different shades of the same light colour that your room is decorated in – such as white, off-white and light grey – to offer more depth to your room.

Ditch the curtains – trick your eyes into thinking there is less distance between you and the outside world. For privacy, use sheer white drapes.

Physical Space

Hang the TV – install a wall bracket for your TV to save space on the ground and improve your viewing experience.

Buy multifunctional furniture – make sure no space is wasted. Having a table to eat on is great, but why not get one with drawers in? Throw in some shelves too and you’ve got a storage kingdom!

Utilise under-bed storage – out-of-season clothing and other bits and bobs are perfect candidates to be placed in draws or boxes under the bed. They don’t need to take up space in the wardrobe!

Make use of your garage – the garage is the one room in the house (if you’re lucky enough to have one) that doesn’t need to look beautiful. With this in mind, you can purchase large self-storage units and overhead ceiling racks to store as much stuff as you can inside or on top of.