What Can You Fit Into a Self-Storage Unit?

A lot of people don’t actually realise the impressive amount that they can cram into a self-storage unit. Even with the knowledge that a storage container is 140 square feet, it can be extremely hard to visualise how big the space actually is. So we’ve done some investigating and found out just how big a container is, by comparing it to some everyday (well, mostly) objects. We should point out that this is only the square foot measurements, meaning the space covering the floor, we haven’t even taken into account how much more you could stack on top!


A Queen Size Bed

Size: 35 square feet

How Many Could Fit: 4

One of the most popular items people choose to place in a self-storage container is a mattress. Since the queen size is the giant of the bed world, we took a look at how many a person could fit into their unit. 4 may seem like a small number, but considering the queen sized mattress is one of the biggest items people may need to store, that’s pretty good going, especially laid out flat. Also if you did put 4, side by side on the floor, it would be like having your own giant trampoline, bonus!


An £89,000 London Flat

Size: 77 square feet

How Many Could Fit: Almost 2

Dubbed ‘London’s smallest flat’, this converted broom cupboard (that’s not even an exaggeration) sold for the jaw dropping price of £89,000. You could fit nearly 2 of these cramped living spaces into a storage container, and for only £100 a month! Whilst a self- storage container may not overlook Harrods, it’s still a much better deal per square foot.



A Car

Size: It depends on the car (so we went on an average)

How Many Could Fit: Around 2

For this we took the measurements of a 5 door Vauxhall Corsa, a popular car within the UK. It turns out you get about 2 Corsa’s worth of storage space in a single container, so you can certainly store both a car and a large amount of your belongings all in one unit.


A Garden Shed

Size: 48 square feet

How Many Could Fit: Almost 3

Wooden garden sheds are a fantastic place to store all sorts of gardening equipment and other items that don’t belong or fit in your home (or for many of us, they are crammed with junk that we meant to get rid of several months ago… whoops). The average UK shed seems to come in at about 48 square feet. Now, imagine 3 sheds stuck together and you have the space of a storage container – just think about how many lawnmowers you could fit into that!


The Tardis

Size: Well, that one’s a bit more complicated…

How Many Could Fit: The answer is a little bit… wibbly wobbly

The average (old school, 60’s) Tardis measures about 21.15 square feet. By this calculation, you can fit an impressive 6 of the lovely blue boxes into a storage container. However, it’s common knowledge that a Tardis is a little larger on the inside, due to trans-dimensional engineering of course. Potentially, this means you could fit as much as you wanted into a self-storage unit!