Recycling the Junk from Your Bits and Bobs Drawer

We’ve all got one. That drawer in your house where all the random bits and bobs end up. You know the one: it’s full of bits of string, old batteries, random foreign coins, a world buffet of takeaway menus and mobile phones dating back to the 1990s.

Storing Bits and Bobs

It might be in your kitchen, your dining room, your hallway or your living room. You might even have more than one. It might not even be a drawer; it might be a cupboard or a shelf. But wherever it is and whatever storage unit you use, it’s bound to have more or less the same things in it!

But really, there’s no need to leave these assorted bits and bobs languishing in the “man drawer” for all eternity. A lot of them can be put to good use, help the environment and even help out your favourite charities.

Read on for our tips for making the most of your bits and bobs drawer.


Arts and Crafts with Bits and Bobs

Surprisingly, you can actually turn some of your junk into funky accessories for your home. Those cables you’ve long since lost the appliances for? Weave them into a fruit basket! They’re just sturdy enough to hold the shape. Those old lightbulbs can be turned into Christmas baubles (just be careful!). Spare buttons can be glued to hairclips and jewellery to make cute accessories. And old CDs can be turned into mosaics or mobiles to keep birds away in the garden.

Charity Begins with Your Bits and Bobs Drawer

Did you know that your bits and bobs can actually help out charities? Your old mobile phones (if you’ve still got the chargers) can be donated – lots of charities recycle them. Or alternatively keep one in your car as a backup – the battery life’s amazing! And those foreign coins? Most charities will accept these so bag them up and drop them in at your local charity shop.

Recycle your old mobile phones, jewellery and batteries

A lot of the items in your bits and bobs drawer can be recycled too, so you can do your bit for the environment. Most supermarkets offer a place where you can drop off your old batteries and there are specialist recycling services you can take your old jewellery to. As we mentioned before, most charities will accept old mobile phones. Up to 80% of a mobile phone is recyclable so charities can raise funds by accepting them and passing them on to be recycled.

And of course, your old receipts and takeaway menus can go in your usual recycling. Just make sure to shred your receipts first!