If Well-Known Brands Did Home Offices…

If you work from home, it’s always good to have a space to work in that’s separate from your day-to-day home life. Somewhere to keep all your files, materials and motivational posters, and so on.

This space should really be somewhere where you can be at your most productive and creative, where you can come up with your best ideas and make clients and customers really feel like they’re in safe hands.

So where better to look for design inspiration for your home office than some of the world’s most well-known and forward-thinking brands? We’ve put together some ideas…


Channel your inner Steve Jobs with our Apple-inspired home office design. Bringing the clean lines and minimalist approach we’ve come to expect from Apple over the years, we think this one’s perfect for those who just can’t stand clutter.

All you need is the latest Mac, a glass-topped desk, a stylish white office chair, and a clock… Oh, and don’t forget a clothes rail for your black turtlenecks (one for every day of the week, ideally), and a fruit bowl full of – what else? – apples.

Apple Style Home Office 2


Google have fingers in so many pies, it’s only a matter of time before they hit the home office design market too. Here’s what it might look like – you could get the full Google treatment and never have a minute’s privacy again! On the plus side, this comes complete with everything you need to run your own business, including its own analytics (number of emails sent, time spent watching cat videos, tea vs productivity graphs and more).

Making use of Google’s signature colours, what this look lacks in privacy it more than makes up for in leisure facilities, coming complete with a slide (just like Google’s own offices), mini golf and a basketball hoop. And you’ll be able to find virtually anything, provided you know how to look!  

Google Style Home Office


Be the envy of all your Friends with a Facebook-inspired home office. Everyone will always know what you’re doing and what you’re working on because this office comes complete with a security camera and location tracker, which is really helpful for keeping clients up to date.

The general look is minimal, with blue being key. Also, weird and wonderful seating is the order of the day here, so you could go for a hammock, sofa, beanbag or even an exercise ball (good for the core muscles).

Perfect for tech geniuses, social butterflies and collaborative thinkers.

Facebook Style Home Office


If you’re a fan of simple design, primary colours and square edges, a Lego-inspired home office is the home office for you. With bright green baseplate flooring (just like being outside on the grass), your furniture will stay firmly in place (although it’s not the comfiest on your feet!). You’ll have to assemble it yourself too – although this does mean you can build it to your exact requirements! Even if those requirements are an 8-foot tall desk shaped like spaceship (and who doesn’t want one of those?)…

This one’s also great if you like the idea of plants but don’t have green fingers – all the flowers are plastic and interchangeable! No need for watering!

Lego Style Home Office


Serious gamers will love our Nintendo-inspired home office design, complete with all your favourite Nintendo features, from mystery storage boxes that may or may not contain coins (or other helpful items), to potted toadstools (don’t touch, keep away from kids), to a wall that’s just crying out for your duck-hunting trophies. Picture of Princess Peach not compulsory, although definitely recommended.

We imagine this is what Mario and Luigi’s home office would look like – they’ve got a plumbing business to run after all (after briefly taking a break last year)! That’s in between racing karts, playing golf and saving princesses, of course…

Nintendo Style Home Office


You’ve got a friend in this Pixar-inspired home office design. To get this look, you’ll need blue wallpaper (complete with clouds), a fluffy rug (blue and purple of course), a pet clownfish (preferably with a lucky fin) and, of course, an Anglepoise lamp.

We also highly recommend an EVE-brand laptop to ensure you don’t get distracted from your Directive when you’re working.

Balloons are optional, though highly recommended, especially if there’s any building work planned in your area, or you feel like heading to South America, which we hear is like America… but South.

Pixar Style Home Office